Cycle City Bergen and the World Championship of Cycling

Cycle City Bergen and the World Championship of Cycling

Cycle City Bergen is part of the cycling initiative in the Bergen Programme – a collaboration between Hordaland County Council, the City of Bergen and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The Bergen Programme covers public transport, pedestrian and cycle paths, environmental projects, measures in the city centre street network, road safety measures and new road projects. Almost NOK 12.7 billion will be invested in new transport projects in Bergen during the period 2002 to 2025.

The World Championship of Cycling is being held in Bergen from September 16th – 24th, 2017. In recognition of the city-wide initiative to promote cycling as a means of transport and its hosting of the World Championship, Bergen has been named one of the first “Bike cities” designated by the International Cycling Union (UCI).

  • The cycle strategy for Bergen was adopted by the city council on April 26, 2010, and is being followed up with a four-year action plan. The target is to increase the proportion of city travel represented by cycling to at least 10 per cent by 2019.
  • Analyses show that 40 per cent of all employees in Bergen live less than 5 kilometres from their place of work, and 70 per cent live within 10 kilometres.
  • Data from the Meteorological Institute shows that Bergen has just as good conditions for cycling as do other Norwegian cities, aside from Oslo.
  • Winter cycling is increasing in Bergen. The cycle counter in Fjøsangerveien shows an increase in January, February and March this year of 155, 130 and 96 cyclists per day respectively, compared with the same months last year.
  • Bergen organised the Norwegian cycling championships in 2008 and 2012. In recent years, a stage of the Tour des Fjords has been held in Bergen. This year, Bergen will experience the biggest event of all – the world championships.


Closed roads and open cycle routes during the world championships

Car traffic will be affected during the world championships from September 16th to the 24th, and we do not recommend travelling by car during this time. The cycling world championships are a great opportunity to get on a bike instead. If you absolutely must drive somewhere, allow plenty of time. Traffic will mainly be affected between the hours of 08.30 to 19.00 as some roads will be used for the race. The situation will vary on a daily basis – updated information about how traffic will be affected each day can be found on the City of Bergen website.

Information about public transport during the world championships can be found on the Skyss website.


Cycle parking

We recommend that those who can cycle to work should do so rather than using a car. If it is more convenient to cycle only part of the way, there is new covered cycle parking at many of the city’s public transport terminals.

Cycle parking is available 24 hours a day (bus station 06.00-23.45).

There is covered cycle parking at the following locations:

Park and ride
Place Location Spaces Opening times
Åsane Åsane Terminal, beside the park and ride parking for cars, towards Skeidar 96 24 h
Loddefjord Vestkanten, platform B 12 24 h
Birkeland Birkeland Terminal, behind drivers’ hut beside platform B 24 24 h
Nesttun Nesttun Terminal, between terminal A and Meny 96 24 h

Parking in the city centre

Bystasjonen Under Bystasjonen 148 Every day 06.00-23.45
Bergen City Hall At the City Hall, between Rådhusgaten and Peter Motzfeldts gate 48 24 h
Nøstet Nøstekaien 48 24 h
Arna Station* South side of the station 36 24 h
Bergen Station* West side of the station 72 24 h

*50 NOK for 30 days, pay with the app Bane NOR Parkering

There will also be temporary cycle parking in the city centre during the world championships:

Temporary spaces in the centre Open 24h, staffed following hours
Lille Lungegårdsvann Code (in front of the main library) 800 Sat – Sun 10.00-19.00
Nygårdsparken Nygårdsparken 386 Man-tors
14 – 18Fre – søn
12 – 18
Bontelabo By the fortress 350 Not staffed


Contact information

For more information about Cycle City Bergen: Head of Cycling Einar Grieg,, tel./mob. 55 56 58 42/900 72 543

For more information about the world championships: Head of Marketing and Communication Erik Kubon Halvorsen,, Mob. +47 984 03 378


Pictures for unrestricted use

Photo: Håvard Kleppa

Photo: Bergen kommune

Photo: Håvard Kleppa

Photo: Håvard Kleppa

Head of cycling, Einar Grieg. Photo: Morten Wanvik

Photo: Bergen kommune